Reasons to Move to Jamaica in 2022

The beauty of Jamaica, one of the Reasons to Move to Jamaica in 2022

Reasons to Move to Jamaica in 2022

If you are looking for an exciting and somewhat exotic place to move to, you might consider Jamaica. However, at the same time, you are probably facing considerable hesitation. Should you take a chance on a country located on an island, with a culture and lifestyle very different from what you are used to? Well, we are not saying making that change will necessarily be easy. However, there are plenty of reasons why you should at least try! And yes, one of them is the sheer, stunning beauty Jamaica has to offer to those who make it their home. But there are also other reasons people tend to overlook! To help you get a complete picture of the advantages of such a move, we would like to present to you reasons to move to Jamaica in 2022!

Abundant cultural diversity

Now, it is true that the dominant ethnicity in Jamaica is that of African descent. However, you might be surprised to know that nearly every culture on Earth is also present and well-integrated. With East Indian, European, and Chinese being particularly notable! This has had a rather interesting effect on life in Jamaica. Simply put, you can find the influences of each of these cultures intermingling and building something unique and exciting together. Now, you are unlikely to feel completely at home upon arrival or anything like that. But you are far more likely to come across familiar sights, habits, and customs than you might think. This also reflects on the types of homes in Jamaica, with plenty of interesting and unique options to choose from, from homes that might fit right in the middle of a bustling European city to those you’d expect of a seaside settlement. 

A nice seaside settlement in Jamaica
Caption: Jamaica has more than just grand resorts; there are plenty of quaint and charming places to live!

Amazing climate

Now, a lot of people might worry about the climate they will be facing in Jamaica. Island nations are, despite their beauty, often exposed to some rough weather, particularly when it comes to storms that hit coastal areas. Luckily, you would not face a lot of that in Jamaica! The moving experts from Four Winds KSA also claim that weather is rarely a problem when moving here. That isn’t to say there is no ‘rainy season in Jamaica. However, it tends to start in late July and last, with irregular rainfall until October. The rest of the year is remarkably dry and pleasant. Suffering from almost no downsides that typical ‘tropical’ climates you would generally associate with island living implies.

Affordable costs

The eternal question of ‘Is it better to rent or own?’ haunts Jamaica as well. And you will find plenty of arguments in favor of renting! However, if you are inclined to purchase your own home, you will almost certainly be able to afford one in Jamaica. The cost of housing, and the cost of living in general, is amazingly low in this country. And, considering it is typically considered a ‘resort nation’, this is somewhat unexpected! Even the pandemic, which has hit countries that rely on tourism hard, Jamaica has pulled through without sacrificing this particular aspect of its daily life. 

A unique and interesting cuisine

Speaking of costs, one of the things you will be spending money on is food. And boy, it will be money well spent! We have already discussed the diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds of Jamaican residents. One of its foremost advantages is the cuisine such diversity has produced. And we are not only talking about the fact that you can find authentic restaurants from nearly every corner of the globe! This is true and very much a draw of Jamaican living. However, much more important is the fact that all those cuisines, and the best part of what they have to offer, have mixed. Producing an entirely new and fascinating food culture unique to Jamaica. You will be left wanting more. And no matter how picky your palate is or how particular your taste is, you will be able to discover something unique here that you will find pleasing.

Excellent music

Admittedly, with all the reasons to invest in Jamaica real estate in the picture, ‘excellent music’ might seem underwhelming. And yet, it is an undeniable advantage of this country! It is a well-known fact that Jamaica is the origin point of reggaeton music. And, if you like this particular style, you will be in absolute heaven here! But that does not mean Jamaicans are not good with other types of music! If you give them a chance, you will be surprised. Once again, the sheer diversity of its population serves Jamaica well. And lovers of music, no matter which genre, will enjoy themselves here!

Live Jamaican music, one of the Reasons to Move to Jamaica in 2022
The live performances in Jamaica are always a fun and unique experience!

Plenty of beautiful scenery and amusing things to do

And, finally, we come to the last but not least of the reasons to move to Jamaica in 2022! The sheer beauty of it. The dazzling array of activities and fun things it has to offer. Jamaica is known for its tourist attractions, for being the ‘resort country.’ And if tourists and nature lovers can spend the entirety of their stay immersing themselves in Jamaica’s offering and be left wanting for more, imagine what moving there would be like! All of its resources will be at your fingertips. You will have the time and opportunity to enjoy it to a degree just visiting would never allow. And this country deserves to be properly enjoyed!

A stunningly example of inland Jamaica beauty
Jamaica is not only about beautiful beaches! There are many more reasons to want to move to Jamaica.

Final comment

So, we have listed all of our reasons to move to Jamaica in 2022! Do you feel a little more reassured that it is the right choice for you? Do you find yourself tempted to work towards making it your home? We certainly hope so! This beautiful island country deserves love and attention, and the more people discover its charm and many things it has to offer, the better! We wish you luck in your preparations and hope to see you here soon!

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