£60k homes

Lord Prescott’s £60k homes

Lord Prescott’s £60k homes, Thames Water Multi-utility, UK

Dean was lead Project Co-ordinator and collaborated with various engineers, contractors and other professionals during the development of CAD design and construction processes for 12 large-scale, multi-utility installation projects (for Gas, Water, Electric, BT & CAT). Dean produced drawings that incorporated asset maps. He also monitored and adhered to project budgets and...

13 Basic Facts You Should Know about Modular Homes

13 Basic Facts You Should Know about Modular Homes

Modular homes sometimes referred to as factory-built construction“,  encompass a category of housing built in sections typically at a factory location.   These houses must conform to local and regional building codes for the country the buyer plans to situate the dwelling. Just like site-built housing, construction teams build modular homes to last and increase in value over time. As the...

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