Jamaica Homes Platform Change Log

Version – August 10, 2023

[Important] Jamaica Homes Platform Functionality plugin update required; Clear Cache, CDN.

[Fixed] Upload media button disappearance in WordPress 6.3.

[New] Added Back to Home button for front-end dashboard.

[Updated] Jamaica Homes Platform Functionality plugin to v2.8.4 (update required).

Version 2.8.6 – August 08, 2023

[Important] Plugin update required; Clear Cache, CDN.

[New] Introducing Listings Sort by Alphabetically options for all listing templates, Elementor modules, search pages, etc.

[New] Auto activate login tab when user registers successfully.

[New] Option to approve re-activated listings by admin. This option can be enabled/disabled in theme options → add new property.

[New] Option to disable minimum one image restriction while adding new property. Under Theme Options → Add New Property → Required Form Fields.

[New] Added footer for half map.

[New] Made the search by property id work with multiple values like:IDs 4658,8524,68754.

[New] Properties by agency for all listing templates, Elementor widgets, etc.

[New] On listing pages, the ability to choose between opening a property link in the same tab or in a new tab. Settings can be found in Theme Options → Listing Options.

[New] Back to Home button for front-end dashboard.

[Improved] Stripe payment gateway code.

[Improved] Fields builder code.

[Improved] Land area icon for listing grid v2.

[Improved] WPML translation.

[Updated] Jamaica Homes Platform functionality plugin.

[Updated] Slider Revolution plugin.

[Updated] WP Bakery Plugin.

[Updated] Jamaica Homes CRM plugin.

Version 2.8.5 – July 03, 2023

[Important] Jamaica Homes CRM plugin update required. Clear Cache, CDN.

[New] Added featured listing to total remaining number of listings when user deletes a listing.

[New] Added Agencies page and agency detail page strings in Theme Options under Translation.

[Improved] Hide additional fields which value is empty.

[Improved] Create listings without logged-in code.

[Improved] Search builder widget codebase.

[Improved] Jamaica Homes CRM plugin security, update to v1.3.5 required.

[Fixed] Jamaica Homes CRM security issue reported in v1.3.3.

[Updated] WooCommerce.

Version – June 18, 2023

[Important] Clear Cache, CDN.

[Improved] Property details v3 and v4 top gallery touch for RTL languages.

[Improved] Property breadcrumb.

[Improved] Property address builder.

[Improved] Agents v1 and Agencies layout for mobile devices.

[Fixed] Mortgage calculate takes decimal numbers as integers.

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