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modern construction methods

Zero defects are the primary battleground between traditional and modern construction methods. A relative concept, zero defects is, however, a target that the construction industry has set for itself. Primary considerations are structural stability and keeping the water out. Proper functioning of services, components, fixtures, and fittings is essential.

Energy and sound performance are also vital, as well as issues of safety, access, and security. This is a campaign that will be fought in years to come… and in the meantime here is another prefab scheme that feature’s in these skirmishes.

Mobile Modular (MoMo) is a research development project for a relocatable system of mass housing constructed from specially fabricated shipping containers. This type of system allows flats to be erected speedily on short-life sites and to be demounted and re-assembled in different configurations on other sites in the future.

The key objectives:

Remove MoMo apartments from a site where housing has been provided for 5 years.

Refurbish Each module at the supplier’s yard or an alternative temporary site.

Re-locate The apartments in any new configuration to provide  decanting, short-term housing,  permanent apartments. This type of system can also become a permanent housing solution.

Originally commissioned by the  Peabody Trust, after the feasibility stage, the team was invited to take the project forward with their own initiative. The team formed a consortium with the aim of developing a prototype to demonstrate the principles and to market the MoMo scheme as a one-stop-shop package to interested parties.

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