Belvedere Green Links – The East London Green Grid

Value: 10.6M Dean managed 5 large projects including access & environmental improvements in Belvedere & Crossness Marshes infrastructure, Belvedere and Erith Links including a link road between Church Manorway and Mulberry Way, pedestrian/cycle access improvement, Erith marshes infrastructure – signs, gates, fencing, entrance and iconic features as well as restoration of open spaces including the local network of dykes, and the creation of sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) along the River Shuttle.The link road was a key part of the project, improving access to major employment sites and potential development locations in Belvedere. Significantly, it also provides a route for the proposed North Bexley Transit. Securing new public transport services in the borough was a priority for the London Borough of Bexley and Invest Bexley, and this will provide a vital service for local businesses and residents.The Belvedere Green Links project was funded by the Homes & Communities Agency (HCA), the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Greater London Authority (GLA).Key Stakeholders: LDA, HCA, Bexley Council, Thames Water, Network Rail, TfL, English Heritage, ELGG).

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